About RezFIT

The Resolution Fitness LLC mobile fitness consulting company was started in 2008, in Montgomery, AL.  The 5 Week BOOTCAMPS were then called, Resolution Camp. Through the next 5 years, the mobile company would extend its services through the River Region.  Resolution Fitness developed multiple Resolution Camps in the cities of Montgomery, and Prattville.  Notables: Montgomery – (Shakespeare Park, Planet Fitness, Brewbaker Elementary, Edgemont Baptist Church and The State House)  Prattville – ( Doster Community Center, Baptist South, Planet Fitness, Total Freedom Wellness, and Riverchase Park, in the Riverchase Subdivision).  In 2012, then nicknamed RezFIT, and BOOTCAMPS name was changed to (RezFIT 5 Week BOOTCAMP CHALLENGE).  The company acquired its 1st 3,000 sq ft. training facility building, on Madison Ave, in downtown Montgomery, of this year.  After 10 months of operation, RezFIT upgraded to the building directly  next door, that was 6,000 sq ft., which was fully renovated upon arrival.  This expansion would take the company into 2013.  At the start of 2014, the training facility had grown once again, to acquire both buildings, and make one facility.  That totals 9,000 sq ft. of operating space. The year of 2015, The company received the opportunity to be represented on WSFA 12’s Alabama Live, with an Ask The Trainer call – in segment.  RezFIT also produced its 1st professional DVD named, Mr. Hollywoods Total Body Workout. This same year of 2015, the company has captured the attention afar, and now has acquired a 3,000 sq ft. building in Prattville, AL, to create a 2nd location (RezFIT 2), which opened for operation January 2016.

    Through the changes, and fads of fitness, RezFIT has consciously made efforts to sustain, maintain, and remain consistent. Fitness is not just a today thing, but it’s forever and always.

Community Involvement
Fox 20 Fitness Consulting
WSFA 12’s call-in trainer on Alabama Live
Writer for the former Pride of Montgomery magazine
Emerge Family Fit Day
Volunteer – Crossroads Wellness Center
Pilgrim Rest Couples Wellness Program
Sickle Cell Anemia Program
Leadership Montgomery Kids Fitness Day
BrewBaker School Special Needs Bootcamp
Job Corp Faculty In-Service Wellness Program
Camp Sunshine

Auburn University
Alabama National Walk presenters
WOW Walk presenters
Sista Strut presenters